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Life Insurance - Protect your loved ones with the right cover
Over 50s Life Cover - Guaranteed lifelong protection
No Medical Exam Cover
Critical Illness Insurance

Aviva Life Insurance:

Aviva offers a wide range of life insurance solutions to suit your particular needs at every stage of life. Here are is a list and description of life insurance products offered by Aviva:

  • Level Life Insurance - an affordable insurance plan that offers security for you loved ones by paying out a cash sum should you pass away during the specified term.
  • Decreasing Life Insurance - this plan was designed to protect your repayment mortgage. The coverage decreases over the term of the policy at approximately the same rate as the balance of your mortgage.
  • Guaranteed Whole of Life - this plan offers guaranteed protection that last your entire lifetime. There is a yearly increase option at the start of the plan that allows you to increase your cover and premium by 5% a year to keep up with the inflation.
  • Over 50’s Guaranteed Lifelong Protection Plan - designed for UK residents ages 50-80. This plan features guaranteed acceptance, no medical exam and unlike similar plans offered by other insurers, a full payout should you pass away after 12 months of commencement of the policy.
  • Critical Illness Cover - This type of protection is offered in conjunction with a life insurance policy and will pay out if you are diagnosed with one of 30 critical illnesses specified in your policy.

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