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Life Insurance - Protect your loved ones with the right cover
Over 50s Life Cover - Guaranteed lifelong protection
No Medical Exam Cover
Critical Illness Insurance

Bright Grey Insurance

Bright Grey, a division of Royal London offers Life Cover, Critical Illness Insurance as well as Income and Payment Cover.

Bright Grey Life Cover - provides protection in case of your death in the specified term as well as full payout if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness before the last year of your plan. For this type of coverage you are able to apply alone or with a partner.

Bright Grey Critical Illness Cover - this type of insurance will payout if you are diagnosed with one of the predefined critical illnesses. You can apply alone or with a partner. In addition this plan includes £20,000 free Children’s Critical Illness Cover for each child.

With both types of insurance you have a choice of how the cover is paid out:

  • A level lump sum
  • An increasing lump sum
  • A decreasing lump sum
  • A level monthly income
  • An increasing monthly income

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