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Life Insurance - Protect your loved ones with the right cover
Over 50s Life Cover - Guaranteed lifelong protection
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Santander Life Insurance

Santander offers several personal protection products through its partnership with Aviva and AXA. There are three types of life covers provided by Santander:

  • Santander Level Cover - this type of cover will pay out a cash sum should you pass away during the term of the policy. This benefit stays the same (level) during the life the policy and can be used for any purpose including paying off your interest only mortgage.
  • Santander Mortgage Decreasing Cover - this type of cover protects your repayment mortgage. The amount of coverage decreases at a fixed monthly rate by approximately the same amount as the balance of your mortgage.
  • Santander Family Decreasing Cover - this type of cover is designed to provide financial security to your family by paying a lump sum in case of your death. The cover is reduced each year by an amount which is determined in your policy.

In addition Santander offers Guaranteed Over 50s Plan which features:

  • guaranteed acceptance for UK residents ages 50-85
  • premiums as low as £6 a month to £74 depending on the amount of coverage
  • no medical exam or health questions
  • guarantee that your premiums will never increase and the level of coverage will never decrease.
  • maximum benefit is £20,000
  • if you pass away during the first two years of the plan your premiums are refunded plus half as much
  • first month is premium free

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