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Life Insurance Q&A

Who can apply for life insurance?

You can apply if you are a UK resident at the time of application and your minimum age is 17.

How much life insurance do I need?

The general consensus is to buy what you need, which will depend your particular circumstances and requirements. Buying too little insurance will not provide the protection you require on the other hand with too much insurance you will be paying unnecessary higher premiums. The insurance industry suggest to get five to ten times your annual pre-tax income. Still not sure? Try our Life Insurance Calculator to get an estimate of how much life insurance coverage you might need.

E-Insurance Calculator:

How much money would you like to leave to your loved ones? (Consider multiplying your annual salary by the number of years you wish to cover your dependents)

What is the outstanding balance of your mortgage? (The amount left to pay off your mortgage completely.)

How much would be required to pay off any outstanding debt including credit cards, loans and funeral expenses? (The average cost of a funeral is over £2000.)

What is the value of any existing life covers or investments that would pay out in the event of your death?

Suggested Amount of Coverage:


How does joined coverage work?

If you have joined coverage the policy will pay out when the first person dies or for some plans has a valid terminal illness cover claim. If you purchase life insurance with critical illness, again when the first person dies or has a covered critical illness, the policy will pay out.

How much will it cost?

The cost varies considerably and depends on your needs such as: the amount of coverage, how long do you need it for, types of premium, as well as your circumstances, such as: your age, health, family history and smoking status.

For Term Life Insurance, will I get my premiums back if I survive the term?

No, this kind of policy does not have any cash value.

Can I cancel my policy if it is no longer required?

For most policies you are able to cancel it within 30 days and you will receive any paid premiums back. You can still cancel your policy after 30 days, however, any premiums paid will not be reimbursed.

Can you provide some additional information for over 50s Life Insurance?

Why qualifies? To qualify for this plan you must be a UK resident between the ages of 50 and 80, who resides in in the UK for 6 months of the year.

Can I apply with a partner? No, this plan must be taken out separately

Is there a medical exam? Most plans do not require medical assessment

Can I cash in my plan? No, this plan has no cash value

Can I cancel my policy? You have 30 days to cancel your policy with premiums to be paid back, after 30 days since this plan has no cash value, you will not recieve any money back.

What is waiver of premium?

Some insurance providers offer and option to waiver the premiums if you are unable to work due to illness or injury for more than 26 weeks. This option comes with an additional cost to your regular premiums.of premium.

Am I still covered if I move abroad?

With most insurance providers you life insurance policy will be in force as long as you are paying your premiums. However, critical illness cover may not be valid if you travel to certain countries and if you opted for a waiver of premium option it will also be compromised.

Will I need a medical exam before I get a policy?

There are plans that do not require a medical exam, such as most of the Over 50s Life Insurance Plans. However, depending your health, age, family history and the amount of insurance you apply for, a medical exam maybe be needed. In this case the insurer might require:

  • psychical check up by a doctor
  • urine samples to identify if you are a smoker or a drug user
  • blood tests to verify your general health and to check for any signs of disease.
  • Electrocardiogram to check your heart an X-ray to check your lungs are needed in some occasions.